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SicePlus System™

Register without queues, always connected.

Attendees in your event will be able to register in their own mobile devices, speeding up their access to the event.


Always Active

With an exclusive link for each event, attendees can register anytime from their mobile device.



Once the register process is done, simply pick your badge at the Express Access Module.



You can review your event's attendee reports in real-time without staff-request needed.

Compatibility for your

attendees, without apps.

SicePlus can be visualized practically on any web browser, therefore makes it compatible with any mobile devise.

Buy Tickets for your event has never been easier .

Inside the platform, your attendees will be able to buy access tickets to different conference rooms, which allows you to increase the amount of in-site ticket sales, as well as check for availability on any conference room.

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SicePlus System™

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Supported by secure payment platforms

The payment platforms we use are OpenPay and PayPal, which give certainty to all attendees secure payments, additionally, we have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Platform that enhance our security.

Consolidate and enhance your event attendance

When the attendees make a payment to go to your event, you can increase up to 99% the assistance of Pre-Registrated people, furthermore, they feel safe to know they have a reserved access, boosting ticket sales with easy payment methods.

Tickets Sale and Control for conferences access

Attendees will be able to pay up to 15 minutes after the event has been started. SicePlus have an App to scan the confirmation code and validate the payment. (Coming Soon). With SicePlus you have the access control and sales in your hand.

Design Versatility

A great event, requires a great design, this is why we have a team of Development and Web Design experts, that will make sure the register system of your event be an experience that leaves a mark.


Agile, Efficient, Personalized.

We have the necessary infrastructure to offer you integral Register and Pre-register services, On-Line and On-Site, personalized for each project.